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Santhosh Paulus

  1. Why do you give?
I feel blessed to have what I have.  It wasn’t in my control where I would be born or to whom.   I have many opportunities that were not in my control. This is why I want to give, because I’ve received so much, it makes me want to give to those who don’t have as much.

  1. How did you first learn about Nomi Network?
I first heard of NOMI’s work through my wife, who was blogging for NOMI. She first heard about NOMI through Facebook.

  1. Why were you drawn to Nomi’s mission?
I am a father of four girls and I could not begin to imagine nor would I want to imagine being so desperate to consider trafficking my own children.  

I love how NOMI offers those rescued a way to stay out of trafficking by giving them the skills necessary to provide for themselves and their families.  A great example of “teaching them how to fish” and not just giving them a fish. I love how it empowers women and girls to make it in this world who very often are not offered these opportunities.

  1. Were there any instances or experiences in your life that caused you to want to do something about human trafficking?
I was attending Soulfest in New Hampshire a Christian Music Festival and heard some facts and statistics on human trafficking during a talk and was shocked by how prevalent it was worldwide and how prevalent it was across both big and small towns all across America.

  1. The issue of human trafficking is an upsetting violation of human rights. Why do you think this issue has become so wide spread?
It is pure evil when any human can willingly and knowingly subject another to be sold for sexual exploitation and financial profit. It is a lucrative business where many have turned a blind eye to the reality of what happens and so it continues where those with power bully the weak and desperate. As far as a business…it’s about supply and demand.  The fact there is demand is evidence of the evil in our world.

  1. Why are you hopeful about Nomi’s approach to end modern day slavery?
Nomi’s approach is very practical. Once a woman or girls is rescued, Nomi provides the training they need to help them become self sufficient.  The simplicity and practicality of Nomi’s approach to end modern day slavery is the strength of Nomi Network’s philosophy.

  1. What’s your most memorable moment working with Nomi Network and why?
My most memorable moment in working with Nomi is a recent one, when Diana came to Cycling For Change’s First Gala in October of this year. Witnessing her share her passion as to how Nomi came to existence and why she does what she does in a room full of people who were riveted to every word she was sharing.  It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.  We were all riding on the line of shock and hope. Shock of how awful and terrible the realities of human trafficking are for so many in our world and the hope Nomi is offering those fortunate to have been rescued.

  1. How has your commitment to Nomi Network changed you personally?

It is good to be a part of something bigger than myself.  By working with Nomi I feel a sense of fulfillment in how I spend my time.  As a physician and father of four, time is a precious commodity and the time I spend in helping Nomi is time well spent for me. I am happy to think of the lives that are changed because of our efforts. Personally my commitment to Nomi Network has given me a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

  1. Why do you wish other people would know about Nomi Network?

I wish others would know about Nomi Network so they could get involved in their own way.  Either to contribute financially or with their time and to use their gifts and talent to help Nomi continue their work or to partner along side them to bring awareness to their work. Whatever way people choose to get involved, it does not matter, as long as they get involved and are able to experience the joy of being a part of something special, because what Nomi is doing is something special.

  1. In the next five years, why is it crucial for others to get involved?
The reason why I believe the next five years are crucial is similar to attaining glucose control in a diabetic.  The sooner the better. Getting control of your sugar over a period of years and getting control over a period of months is very different as far as long term complications.  Shame on us as humanity to not get involved and help end this modern day slavery.  The complications and long term negative effects are minimized with earlier control in diabetes and the same is true for humanity in ending human trafficking. We need help to attain this goal. We can’t do this by ourselves, it is crucial for others to get involved.  

My name is Santhosh Paulus. I am a father of 4 beautiful princesses and married to the most beautiful person in the world. I am a Family Medicine Physican and also am the founder and president of Cycling For Change (c4c).  I started c4c to help end human trafficking by offering hope to those who feel trapped in it. We all need help at times and can’t make it alone.  The worst thing is to feel alone and that there is no hope in the midst of a terrible situation. Cycling For Change is here to offer hope…because HOPE changes everything!

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