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Around the Globe in 17 Days

This past January, several members of the Nomi Network team traveled across the Pacific to Cambodia and India.   After seventeen days, we crossed back over the Atlantic to return to New York. Our first stop was Phnom Penh, the energetic capital of Cambodia and home to our office/training center. This was the first time our Board Member, Susan Lee, had encountered the vibrant city and smiles of Cambodia. In addition to Susan, our U.S. team consisted of Diana Mao (co-founder & president), Maria Blackburn (program officer), and our talented photo intern, Justin Wee along with two brilliant film makers, Katrina Sorrentino and Brittany Buongiorno. Throughout the trip, we had the opportunity to visit our partners and various production centers in and beyond the city. For the majority of our Cambodia visit, our group was split up to accomplish different tasks. Diana and Maria spent most of the time meeting with potential partners to expand our program reach. They had a chance t

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