Nomi Gets a New Look

Nomi Network’s Graphic Designer, Janay Frazier, shares about Nomi Network’s new branding that will be revealed this August.

Nomi Network has grown and developed in many ways since its launch in 2009. As Nomi’s capacity and abilities expand, and as the times change, we seek to retain and hold strong to our core mission, doing so with an adaptive spirit that embraces fresh, new ways of communicating our values.

We recently revisited the branding of Nomi Network, giving it a facelift to retain retail relevance; “the purpose of the new logo is to modernize Nomi and allow us to enter our target retail space,” Janay Frazier, Nomi Network’s Graphic Designer, remarks (Janay headed up the rebranding, assisted by Nica Rabinowitz). She says that the new logo also coincides with Nomi’s new product development, and that “These products, along with the new logo, will help advance the Nomi brand.”

The new logo is a modernized rebrand of Nomi Network’s original logo. Janay explains that companies are shifting from singular icons as logos towards typographic logos, so she chose to implement this shift when working on the rebranding. Describing the meaning behind the new typographic logo, Janay says it “represents breaking from bondage and joining a network that supports and uplifts. The breaks of gaps in the letters that spell out ‘Nomi’ suggest freedom and the script typeface [of the word ‘network’]… represents unification through a network like our training programs."

The new logo will be used starting with new product collections that come out in August and September. The rebranding also includes a re-designed website that will launch in August. “[The rebranding] was my first project as Nomi’s Graphic Designer,” Janay says, “and I am truly proud and excited about where Nomi will go next with its new facelift.” Make sure to keep your eyes open for products with our new logo as they are released in the next months!


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