Biking Across the Country in Support of Nomi Network

Volunteers with the organization Cycling for Change will spend the month of July biking across the country in support of Nomi Network and World Vision. They will bike from Seattle to New York and run an Indiegogo campaign as well as local fundraisers along the route of the ride.

Volunteers with the organization Cycling for Change are spending the month of July biking across the country for charity. Their journey started in Seattle on June 29, and it will end just over one month and almost 3,200 miles later in New York. The riders will take on an average of 115 miles per day, with half of the money raised going to Nomi Network and the other half going to World Vision, an organization that fights poverty around the globe.

Cycling for Change is the brainchild of Santhosh and Rajdeep Paulus, a husband and wife team living on Long Island. The Pauluses began their charitable efforts five years ago. As they were setting their goals for the new year, they decided they really wanted to make a dent in the problems they saw in the world. Santhosh realized his lifetime goal was to sponsor 100 kids through World Vision. Cycling for Change is an extension of that aim, and an attempt to make an even larger impact. Rajdeep says they focus on the “causes that break their hearts,” specifically children in poverty and human trafficking.

The cyclists are Santhosh’s brother, Arul Paulus, and their friends Daniel Severino and Julian Valencia. Santhosh originally planned to make the journey as well, but was recently diagnosed with a heart condition and will be unable to ride. Still, he’s glad to support the cause in whatever way he can: he’ll be driving the support RV alongside the team. For him, it  was never about cycling, only about the cause.

The campaign went live on June 29th, and after kicking off from World Vision's headquarters in Seattle, Cycling for Change will run an online fundraising campaign for the duration of the ride through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. They will also raise money through events along the way. There's a large event scheduled for Rajdeep's native Chicago, as well as a Welcome Back Barbeque and a Gala in New York after the riders arrive home. They hope to get a big crowd of volunteers to bike the final ten miles into New York on August 1 so please sign up at

Cycling for Change has ambitious goals: they are aiming to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the two organizations. We’re extremely grateful for the hard work and literal sweat they’ll be pouring into efforts to help out Nomi Network this summer. You can follow their efforts and find out more on Facebook and Twitter.

-written by Alex Pelan
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Support Cycling for Change this summer as they bike across the country in support of Nomi and @WorldVision.


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