Run to End Trafficking

This coming May, runners in the Washington DC Metro area will be running for a brand new cause: the end of human trafficking. The TrafficStop 5k hosted by the Hilton Garden Inn emerged as Hilton Hotels and Resorts began pushing for local hotels to become more involved in the welfare and common good of their communities.      The only question lay in how they would aid their community.
General Manager Steve Steinberg had an immediate answer to that question.  
            Human trafficking has long been an issue for Steve Steinberg. “Back in the 80’s if a customer wanted to find a prostitute, most front desks would know where to direct them.” It was this intersection of human trafficking and the hospitality industry has always troubled him. Before Steinberg joined Hilton, his supervisors instructed him to look the other way. “When I first got into the [hospitality] industry, one of the first things I had to learn was discretion.” he says.  “Our businesses and communities were complicit. Every ring that has ever been busted involved a hotel at one point or another.” he adds.

So Steve was determined to go against the grain and take action. This new initiative by Hilton was the perfect opportunity to begin a positive trend. All proceeds from this event will go towards abolitionist groups including Nomi Network, the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative, Shared Hope International, Courtney’s House, Global Centurion Foundation, and more which can be found on their website.

-Stanley Lee


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