Artist Abolitionist: Holly Ernst, Makeup Artist

Photo by Holly Ernst

NN: How did you enter the fashion and stylist field? Were you always naturally creative and expressive and how has your trade sharpened this talent in you?

HE: I entered the fashion/entertainment industry officially when I was 19 years old. I moved to NYC in the summer of 2010 to peruse my dreams of being a makeup artist. When I arrived I attended the Designory in Soho, a well-known Makeup School Manhattan. Since I was young God birthed this passion for color and creativity inside of me, and my family was right along side of me, allowing me to follow my dreams! 

NN: We consider makeup artists to be talented artists in their own right - what inspires you to be creative?  

HE: What inspires me the most is when I am working on, or creating a new project, and the fact that I have a living canvas every-time I work. The very essence of people's personality and character inspires me to do my work 110%.

NN: How did you learn about Nomi network and why do you continue to volunteer for the cause?

HE: I heard about Nomi through my dear friends Alissa Moore and Lisa Kim who both serve on Nomi’s executive team! I first got involved when we did a Nomi Fashion Show with some students at Hofstra University. It was amazing to me to see that my talents could be used in a way to impact girls overseas that have been enslaved or at-risk, and who are now taking steps to create a new future in a healthy environment! I continue to volunteer because I know even the smallest task is allowing the Network to bring more hope and encouragement to more girls and women that don't have a opportunity to have their voice heard.

NN: As an artist abolitionist is there a small step that you can recommend others can take to raise awareness?

HE: A step you can take is simply to share about Nomi Network with anyone within your artist community so that together we can continue to come up with creative ways to help this movement grow.

NN: How can someone learn more about your work? 

HE: Through my website:

NN: If you are an Artist Abolitionist or a friend who wanted to support this movement please buy a campaign tee or tank today! Email with your name and the number of tees or tanks you’d like.
Then share a photo of yourself in your tee or tank top with Nomi’s Instagram account ( by using hashtag #togetherwithnomi so we can see the faces supporting the cause!

- Holly Ernst & Alissa Moore 


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