Nomi's Design Competition Winner Announced

“Design a product you would want to use”.  Nomi’s Head Designer Aram Bashian gave this advice to a group of eager students at the Nomi -Parsons Design Competition kickoff, and it served as the starting point of inspiration for winner Nathan Bohannan. 

As a young student living in the dynamic and fast-paced city of New York, Nathan designed a multifunctional messenger bag with an extra-long flap that rolls out almost 5 feet. This extension can be used as anything from a picnic blanket in the park to a baby changing sheet in a public bathroom. The recycled rice bag material suits these functions especially well because it’s so easy to clean, and its thin, lightweight qualities allow it to roll up without adding extra bulk to the classic messenger bag. Need to sit on a park bench after it has rained? Simply unroll the flap and you have a waterproof sheet to sit on. Want to take a nap on the grass? Rest your body on the extended flap, while Nathan suggests putting your jacket or sweater in the body of the bag to create a soft pillow for your head. Meanwhile it maintains the classic function of a messenger bag that carries all your on-the-go necessities. 

Modern, functional designs are a Nomi hallmark, and so Nathan’s clever update to a classic design is a perfect addition to our line. As the winner, Nathan is working with Nomi’s design and production teams to turn his sample into a finished product. Through this process, Nathan is learning how production is carried out, and Nomi Network is excited to nurture and educate young talent in the practice of environmentally and ethically-conscious design!

- Sarah Rashid


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