Nomi Network Now on EBay

Who likes eBay? We do! EBay provides a great way to buy or sell items online, and now it provides a great way to show your support for Nomi Network, too. Giving Works, eBay’s charitable giving program, enables nonprofit organizations to raise funds through e-commerce.  

Nomi has joined with eBay Giving Works to provide you with yet another way to support at-risk women and survivors of trafficking. Now when you sell something on eBay, you can choose to donate a portion of your profits. Sellers can donate anywhere between 10% to 100% of the final sale price to Nomi Network. When you list an item for sale on eBay, you can select the “Donate percentage of sale” option, find Nomi Network’s donation page, and choose the percentage of the selling price you want to donate. It’s as easy as that to make a difference in the life of trafficked women.  

If you are not selling anything on eBay, you can still support the cause by donating directly through Nomi Network’s new eBay Giving Works page. And as always, your donations are tax deductible.  

- Amanda Chapman


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