Lost and Found: Vintage Clothing Sale

Meet Lindsay Olivia Travis, 29 year old Ohio native, professional actress, pastor’s wife, mama of two cats, and New Yorker for the last four years. Between gigs, she works at a wine bar and as an assistant for a design firm. When she’s not lighting up the stage or helping shepherd Everyday Christian Church’s flock, you might find her blogging at “Girl From Scratch”, attending Bikram yoga, or scouting Manhattan’s thrift shops. And she has a heart that is stirred by social justice, and in the case of Nomi Network, a passion to help victims susceptible to the atrocities of human trafficking.

After a Nomi intern and the women in Nomi’s leadership informed her of their approach to tackling this monstrosity, Lindsay was, in her own words “... moved by this amazing organization and its mission, and also shocked and disgusted to learn about the American demand for human trafficking! Why didn't I know this before?!? This is unacceptable.”

Not a woman who simply talks about justice, but one who actually pursues it, a Chicago fundraiser named Hunt & Gathered sparked Travis’ idea for an event called “Lost and Found.” With a dream to open her own second-hand boutique and her growing inventory of vintage items over the years, she began to make some calls and put the dream into action.

“Lost & Found is a one-night only, pop-up boutique where second-hand, thrifted and vintage clothing items will be sold, and all sales will go to NOMI Network. Anyone can attend. It's a fun way to raise awareness [coupled with] shopping for fun clothes and hanging out with like-minded folks!”

So what’s in the Event Name? Travis says, “I like to think that many of the women and children that NOMI has helped were once lost and now they've been found; scooped up and given a fresh start...I believe it is our responsibility...as human beings to help those that the world has disregarded.”

Lost & Found will open its doors on the evening of June 1st, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, at 5030 Broadway, Suite 630. And it all started with a dream!

I get excited when I meet a woman like Lindsay, because contrary to popular belief, there are still individuals in this world who pursue ventures that benefit others. They sacrifice time, resources, and energy in order to organize events like Lost & Found in order to do their part. Because as members of the human race, we should all do our part. Individual efforts by lots of people lead to significant change. I love her hope-filled confidence on the issue of trafficking:

“Human-trafficking is one issue that can actually be stopped in this lifetime and with our generation. It's not a vague pipe dream like 'world peace.’ It's a clear supply and demand situation that, with time and awareness, I know can end.”

Not busy on June 1st? Come spend an evening with friends, peruse beautiful thrifted treasures and take some home with you. A night of NYC shopping that benefits a great cause? Can’t think of a better way to start my weekend. See you there!

- Rajdeep Paulus


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