Nomi Network Fashion Corner: Earth Day Chic

Environmentally friendly fashion has come to the spotlight recently, making many consumers question how and where our clothes are made. Conscious consumers demand not only clothes made with eco-friendly materials, but chic clothes made with more sustainable production practices, too. According to Earth Day Network, more than one billion people in 192 countries took part in the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day. Many celebrated Earth Day by pledging “Acts of Green.” Fashion enthusiasts and prominent leaders in the fashion industry celebrated Earth Day by celebrating the growing trend of eco-friendly garments. Environmentally conscious models and designers reminded us that being green is always stylish. Leading designers, including Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney, continue to create cruelty-free collections by refusing to use fur. Model Miranda Kerr served as an ambassador for Earth Hour, an event that encouraged people to turn-off non-essential lights to an hour to raise awareness about climate change.

While these fashion icons promoted sustainable style, other leaders in the fashion industry launched eco-conscious lines. H&M launched a Conscious Collection with glamorous looks made from organic cotton, organic hemp, and recycled polyester. H&M is one of the biggest users of organic cotton. According to a Huffington Post article, H&M head designer Anne-Sofie Johansson expressed H&M’s vision to “make more sustainable fashion affordable and accessible to more and more people around the world.” Many celebrities, including Michelle Williams, Kristin Davis, Viola Davis and Amanda Seyfried, have supported H&M’s Conscious collection by wearing pieces from the collection on the red carpet. From high-fashion icons sharing their passion for eco-conscious style to affordable looks at H&M made with organic materials, Earth Day offers a chance for fashionistas to express their environmental concerns and encourage others to celebrate Earth Day, and every day, with eco-friendly style. With more consumers requesting sustainable items, the fashion industry must follow the growing demand for environmentally-conscious garments and sustainable production practices. It’s small step, but it’s a start.

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- Sachi Pettit


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