Spotlight on Aram Bashian

Our newest male designer, Aram Bashian has brought his creativity and inspiration in designing our newest plaid, stitched wallets and in creating our Spring 2012 Collection. Aram’s design specifications has helped introduce the women we work with in Cambodia to new styles and stitching techniques, and increased their skill-set in producing the latest trends. With his keen eye and passion to eradicating modern-day slavery, Aram continues to lend his expertise to Nomi Network to bring hope and a sustainable future to survivors and women at-risk. Read more about Aram and where he finds his inspiration below.

What brought you to NYC?

I grew up on the other side of the river in North Jersey and went to school at FIT in NYC so New York has never been far from home.

How did you hear about Nomi Network?

I attended a Redeemer Presbyterian Church small group for the Fashion Industry and heard Supei Liu, Nomi’s Lead Product Developer, speak about Nomi and felt compelled to lend my creative abilities to this wonderful cause.

What motivates you to be a part of Nomi Network?

Knowing that when I design for Nomi the gift God gave me is being used to positively impact the world around me.

What inspires your design? What inspires you in general?

I believe that good design must be functional so architecture, vintage garments, and general industrial design/packaging all inform what I create. The double-edged sword of being a designer is that I am always working whether I'm grocery shopping or at a museum or listening to music. Everything is processed through that filter and being picked apart to find something to draw from.

What is your favorite Nomi product and why?

The convertible tote. It’s the perfect marriage of functional design that I love and it’s fit for a guy or girl.

What advice would you give to designers that want to create a cause-oriented product?

Make sure what you bring to the market is 1. Well designed and well priced, 2. Stands on its own and differentiates itself from everything else that's out there, 3. Has a great "story" behind it because people want to connect with what they buy and 4. that your logistics are in order (meaning, how are you actually getting it into your customers' hands?).

- Lisa Kim


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