Nomi Network at Union Square's Holiday Market

Snow whips through the air in one of the earliest snowstorms recorded in New York City. Slush and grime are quickly become staples on our daily commutes. Yet, approaching brightly on the horizon is Union Square’s Holiday Market. From November 18 - December 24, the market hosts several businesses every year to promote art, hand-made jewelry, toys, beautiful ornaments and the spirit of giving and hope. Shoppers can explore the market and pick out their favorite items to purchase and take home to their friends and families.

This year, Nomi Network is proud to present products that are sure to win shopper’s hearts with a booth at the market! Nomi’s vision fits directly into Union Square Market’s sense of community. Supei Liu, Co-Founder and VP of Commerce relates:

"Every day we make purchases that impact others. You may never see most of those faces but you might have heard some of their stories. Nomi Network is at Union Square as a voice for the women we serve. These women have overcome abuse and despair, but choose to turn their tears into hope. Nomi Network provides training and job opportunities to help these women turn their dark past into a brighter future. By purchasing our products, you are not just supporting a cause, but you are giving these women an opportunity to start a dignified life, bringing hope to their children and creating change in their community."

Naturally, Nomi inspires a way to communicate the holiday desire to give to others. All of their wonderful pieces would make great gifts. Bright wallets, beautiful bags, colorful laptop covers are obvious choices for a present that will mean a lot not only to the receiver, but to the women who are part of Nomi Network.

Conveniently located in the heart of Union Square, the market is an easy stop off the subway and close to many other shops and restaurants. The thought of blissfully sipping hot chocolate while browsing for a bag designed and produced by the women at Nomi Network is worth waiting through the premature snow and cold weather!

This is a perfect opportunity for bargain hunters and those excited to partake in a New York tradition. Well loved and cherished as a must see, this year’s Union Square Market should be on your list of adventures this winter. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

- Nadine Carole


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