The Give Blog and The Joy of Giving

You only get to keep what you give away.

In an October post, The Give Blog featured Nomi Network’s work in Cambodia to empower women at-risk of trafficking, teaching them marketable skills and providing them with steady employment. In the post titled “On The Ground: Nomi Network,” The Give Blog focused on Nomi Network’s mission to empower at-risk women with financial independence.

The Give Blog seeks to motivate their audience to give more to worthy charitable causes. The authors write about how we can consciously live our lives in a way that will enable us to give more. Through researching and writing about conscious living, innovative charities, and pressing social issues, The Give Blog encourages its readers to realize that the greatest fulfillment in life comes from giving and helping those in need.

Nomi Network was curious to know what other blogs or organizations were also focused on the importance of giving and we found the following:

Together we can all give a little more.

- Sachiko Pettit


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