Nomi Network Fashion Corner: Organic by John Patrick

While scrambling to do all the appropriate research for NY Fall Fashion Week, we've become quite enamored with this year's 2011 fashion collection by sustainable designer John Patrick. Earth tones, layered with distinct textures, is a common theme, as are knit sweaters, sheer dresses and laced boots. His "granola" take on business-casual creates an autumn collection that will make most tree-huggers happy, especially after they learn about Patrick's commitment to building his garments locally, from the raw materials he uses to his final products. Check out his fall collection on his website.

Known for his label, Organic by John Patrick, Mr. Patrick was also recently featured in The New York Times Style Magazine for his endeavors as an "organic" painter. He had been painting for years, dabbling mainly in China ink, but after being invited to submit his work to an organic art show and simultaneously finding several inspiring organic paint pigments at a novelty art store in Saratoga Springs, he agreed to put his work on display.

As an aspiring designer and a graduate of Skidmore College located in Saratoga Springs, it brings me great satisfaction to know that both Mr. Patrick and myself have shopped for art supplies as well as inspiration at the same local art stores. While my art pieces were completed for course work on campus, Patrick's was entered into the show “Leaf // Cloud” this past June at Fair Folks & a Goat, 7 E. 88th St., #0006. We thought this blog post on Inhabitat New York City was a particularly good review of the show.

- Alissa A. Moore


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