Nomi Network is Now Fair Trade Certified

Nomi Network’s Buy Her Bag Not Her Body® Campaign empowers women who have been exploited by sex trafficking and we are now proud to announce that these products are fair trade certified.

This captures the heart of the fair trade practice- repaying producers of products a fair percentage of the revenue received through purchases. Fair trade eliminates the need for a “middle man” so that companies and organizations are able to work directly with producers, making it possible to give back a large percentage of money for their hard work.

The Fair Trade Federation is an association which moves to strengthen and promote fair trade by supporting various practicing organizations. Their main purpose is to help those organizations cultivate economic opportunity for those who have been pushed to the side and neglected of proper working conditions, fair payment and just treatment. They emphasize consistent, trustworthy relationships between the producer, organization and consumer.

Nomi Network’s bags and totes are currently made in Cambodia using recycled rice bag material that is local to the region. The women that develop the Buy Her Bag Not Her Body bags are trained in the production of these products and 100% of the sales profits from each bag is re-invested into job training and educational opportunities for the women we serve.

Nomi Network focuses on providing at-risk women and survivors of sex trafficking, the right working conditions to fulfill their jobs. By celebrating their strength and encouraging them to push forward, overcoming such harsh pasts, Nomi Network provides these brave women with the economic stability and skill sets to ultimately prevent them from being re-trafficked..

Nomi Network strives to be transparent and foster open dialogue with any organization that is integrated in any step of the production process. Nomi Network communicates the reason behind our products and cause and are sure to thank our customers and producers for taking part in our efforts to fight for freedom. Our products are sold through workshops, home parties, public speaking and we are constantly building an identity for our products and ensuring that the global market connects with the faces behind our cause.

With more awareness being raised about the women and their powerful stores through our Buy Her Bag Not Her Body® products, more women and young girls can have a future and a hope. Nomi Network is proud to be a certified fair trade producer, but even more proud that our products can empower consumers to make a difference.

- Ayleen Nazario


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