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I am a firm believer in lists. During the most stressful moments in my life I think I may have made lists in my sleep, and in the most productive moments of my life, I’ve taken great joy in triumphantly crossing all the items off one of my many lists. I have made to-do lists, gift lists, play lists, lists of things I love, lists of things I strongly dislike, lists of things I want to do before I die, lists of things I want to read, lists of things that I want to get better at, and even lists of things that I think I’m pretty good at already. You name it, I’ve probably listed it. So it was with great interest that I embarked on seeing what kind of comprehensive fashion blog lists already existed on the web. I was pleasantly surprised to find this list of 100 fashion blogs, curated by Customized Girl. When digging deeper, I was particularly fond of the blogs listed under Vintage and Thrift. For those of you who want to be fashionable, but don’t want to consume thoughtlessly, it can be a nice compromise to go this route and to give new life to gently used goods.

From Customized Girl: Their Vintage and Thrift List

“No, “Vintage” and “Thrift” aren’t the same, but both topics are hot at the moment. So we compiled this list of sites that are both vintage and that can be thrifty, or visa-versa. Many of the bloggers sell what they find through online store or on eBay, so you can share in their bounty!” In alpha order, check these out below:

  1. I Spy, Thrift Eye: This is just a fun little site, authored by a woman who’s obsessed with thrift store finds and with matching them up with celeb fashion. You can visit this blogger at her eBay store, and you also can find her at Thrift Eye Traducido (en español).
  2. Life of a Jersey Girl: Carol owns this blog and she also owns Dandelion Vintage Clothing, online since 1997. She sells vintage clothing, lingerie and accessories from the 1900s to the mid 1960s. Fresh vintage stock at very reasonable prices is added every Monday.
  3. Lizzie’s Vintage Travel Journal: Lizzie writes about a nice collection of old fashion ads, fabrics, and clothing. Occasionally, she’ll offer something that she finds for sale. Or, she’ll just tease you with some perfect piece as she states that it’s hers and hers alone.
  4. Lulu’s Vintage: “The Retro Retreat for the Fashion Elite,” is the motto here. You can view vintage delights and click to the online store where they’re for sale. Lulu carries some vintage items for sale as well, so you’ll have a great time if you’re into old and beautiful threads and patterns.
  5. Sally Jane Vintage: Sally Jane offers vintage finds and original designs for sale at Her blog is a behind-the-scenes view on how she discovers her finds and how she puts them together.
  6. Style Bytes: Outside of the incredible link list, this blog will keep you up on the author’s vintage finds as she models them herself. Yes, she wears her finds with style.
  7. The Happy Hippie: Hippies aren’t dead. This blog might have fit under the ‘lifestyle’ category, but its retro theme carried it all the way to vintage.
  8. The Thrifty Fashionista: “99 cent Flip Flops & a Louis Vuitton” is the attitude carried by this blogger. She loves stoop sales, lives for clothing swaps, and would like to make a living with shopping. When she does, we’ll move her to the “shopper” category.
  9. The Vintage Society: The “Society Girl” entries are flattering and inspirational and the other blog entries cover everything you need to know about how to carry that vintage outfit off.
  10. Vintage Style Files: After 20 years in the food industry, this blogger decided to open a vintage clothing business at Blue Velvet Vintage. This blog represents her lifelong love for vintage clothes.
  11. Zuburbia: This blog features a Vintage Pick of the Day (VPOD), PLUS insights, tips and information for today’s current and future vintage fashionistas. She’ll also consider purchasing your vintage pieces.
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