Raaka Chocolate Ensures Ethically Sourced Beans and Quality Taste

Nomi Network was awarded the 2010 Classy Award for Small Charity of the Year—and every month we’ll be featuring a local business we’re proud to support. Why? Because their fair and ethical business practices define classy. Up this month: Brooklyn-based Raaka Chocolate.

Raaka Chocolate doesn’t create candy bars—they create experiences. Available in flavors like Dark with Sea Salt and Vanilla Rooibos, their chocolate bars will make you close your eyes and savor the taste. To say the least, they’re delicious.

And what’s more, Raaka is guided by three simple but elegant values: ethical trade, respect for the environment, and philanthropy.

  • They source their beans from a small co op in the Dominican Republic, ensuring farmers receiving premiums for their beans
  • Their packaging uses 100% post-consumer recycled, chlorine free processed paper that was made from wind-generated energy
  • They donate 2% of its annual profits to the World Cocoa Federation, which supports cocoa farmers and their families

Raaka has stepped up and filled a void in conscious consumerism, as many high-end chocolatiers cannot be accountable for slave-free beans. Additionally, Raaka has modest roots in the local community, with a small bean-to-bar operation based out of Brooklyn, New York. Learn more about their delicious, ethically produced chocolate at http://www.raakachocolate.com/values/


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