Internship Experience Brings Awareness, Commitment, and Meaningful Change

I learned about Nomi Network through my involvement with Columbia University’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Through our group’s social justice efforts, I was first exposed to the serious problem of human trafficking. It is infuriating that the experiences of these women and children have been ignored, unrepresented, and swept under the rug by many, including me. As my internship with Nomi Network comes to an end, I can reflect on the importance of awareness and how we all can and must play a role in fostering it. This whole time I have asked myself, “What can I, as a 21 year-old college student, do to make a dent in this enormous injustice?” I have learned that I can make a difference by informing my friends and family about this issue and encouraging others to get involved.

My internship duties included researching potential donors and fundraising opportunities. Through this, I learned a lot about different organizations and people who are dedicated to philanthropic giving. I also consulted with university bookstores regarding placement of Nomi Network’s products that are so beautifully made by Cambodian women. This project is still in progress as Nomi Network is always looking to expand the venues and places where its products can be sold. Another part of my internship has been brainstorming for the organization and execution of the monthly Nomi wires. Nomi Network is looking to extend its presence on the Internet, in order to spread awareness and inspire others to get involved in the abolitionist movement with us.

Nomi Network goes beyond awareness. Its leaders, donors, and volunteers are committed to bringing long-lasting and meaningful changes to the lives of victims of human trafficking and at risk women in Cambodia. During my internship, I had the wonderful experience of meeting weekly with Vice President Alissa Moore or President Diana Mao. My relationship with them was one of the most invaluable and unforgettable parts of my internship. They are both intelligent and inspiring women and I have been so blessed to know them and to share my life, goals, and passions with them. They have both shown me so much commitment to my development, my future, and my involvement in the abolitionist movement. Even though I came to them as an utter amateur regarding human trafficking, fashion, and the private sector, they both took the time out of their already-booked schedules to guide me and help me learn about the work done by Nomi Network. I now have a clear understanding of how Nomi Network seeks to engage and utilize the private sector in order to provide an abundant and meaningful life for as many women and children as possible. Nomi Network has so acutely targeted the roots of the human trafficking problem, and has dedicated its efforts to build and rebuild lives that it will sustain, liberate, and satisfy Cambodian women, children, and families.

I must admit that I’m unsure about how I will be involved in the abolitionist movement in the future. I do know, however, that Nomi Network will forever have a special place in my heart, and I will continue to be a volunteer and supporter. I know that God has led me to Nomi Network, and will continue to call me to organizations that are dedicated to serving His people, and fighting for true liberation and long-lasting change. Regardless of where life takes me, all of the human trafficking victims will forever be in my heart and mind, and will inspire me to act.

-Joy Harrison


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