Nomi Network Presents at the NEWD Launch Party

NEWD Magazine, the publication for the artsy, independent-thinking twentysomething, announced its re-launch on Wednesday, June 23 at STAY Lounge, 244 East Houston Street, in New York City. Recognizing the importance of staying connected to the socially conscious, spiritually in-tune young adult, the exclusive event was attended by culturally-advanced fans, art aficionados, social action partners, celebrities and other socialites, celebrating NEWD's achievement of a new logo, a new website and one year of consistent trendy, art-centered, socially-aware reporting and a popular online radio companion.

"Our most ambitious goal with NEWD is to give young adults a chance to see themselves, then see outside themselves," said Managing Editor Tiffani Knowles. "We challenge individuals to find out who they are past the superficial trends and self-absorption, to something much more profound and ultimate. How we do this is by using the most UN-intimidating tool we know - art and entertainment. Once you are experiencing a movie or a play or a piece of music, you feel at ease. Then, we can slowly seep in issues of social change, global perspectives and faith life."
The event included music by DJ Rev Drizza, an art exhibit by Exchange Art NYC ( live musical performances by local favorites Kyle Swann, Heesun Lee and Leah Smith and gift bags sponsored by Crying Tears Clothing, Inko's, Izze and White Saffron.
Nomi Network, a social justice partner to NEWD, offered an incisive presentation about its own mission that stirred attendees to their core through their call-to-action against modern-day sex slavery.

By: Tiffani Knowles


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