Nomi Network partners with Local Boutique

Nomi Network partners with Local Boutique, a company that aims to promote local business and seeks to keep the companies thriving. Lisa and Rick Staples launched Local Boutiques ( to help women find dresses at local boutiques. The company features exclusive labels, unique services, hours of operation and even images of the latest products. Local Boutique connects consumers with unique boutiques from many major cities.

Human trafficking is an issue that moves Lisa and Rick to action. Although their company is a for-profit, they are eager to do what they can to join the fight against human-trafficking. Lisa’s expertise and connections in fashion has helped Nomi Network identify new retail partners that are both fashionable and socially conscious. There is an increase in businesses that are trying to operate more socially responsible and, for some, engaging Nomi Network is the first step.

White Saffron is on Local Boutique and is also Nomi Network’s retail partner. For more information about the partnership please visit
White Saffron and Nomi Network is hosting a wine-and-cheese sales event on Saturday, June 26th at 7:00 PM. Please RSVP via email at


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