Spotlight on Supei Liu

One of the most important parts of what we do at Nomi Network is connecting personally with the women we aim to empower. Because of her past experience in the fashion industry, Supei Liu is working in this critical role. Supei is our Business Strategist and Product Developer, and a founding member of Nomi Network. She has traveled to Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia facilitating the design and construction of Nomi products. We conducted a brief interview with her recently in order to share with you more about who we are, by sharing about who she is and why she is passionate for this cause.

Q & A with Supei Liu

Q: How did you first get involved with Nomi Network?
A: My pastor connected Diana and I in 2007 when she first came back from Cambodia with the original product, a wooden business card holder. Since then, we have kept in touch because we share a similar vision and passion for local artistry and the marketplace.

Q: What is your position with Nomi Network now?
A: I focus on developing products with designers here and at local level [in Cambodia]. I also identify business and program opportunities, and work to understand the needs of our partner NGOs. I am also involved in sales and marketing- pretty much everything you need to do to get a business going.

Q: Why do you think Nomi Network works?
A: Nomi has a unique model in that we are not reinventing the wheel, but coming along side of existing organizations and supporting them by bridging the gaps and filling the missing link. We are mobilizing talents and must understand that it is a task to be addressed by a multitude of compassionate individuals. We also understand the importance of creating fashionable and quality products for US consumers.

Q: What was one of the largest realizations you had while in Southeast Asia about your specific role in combating human trafficking?
A: Everyone should have a choice and opportunity to live the life that God has for them- many of these women did not have that choice. We can either sit on the sidelines thinking someone else can do help or we need to step in and be part of the solution.

Q: What are you most excited about seeing happen in Nomi Network's future?
A: Knowing more deeply that every effort we put into this is changing a life. Every tote we sell is giving hope. More and more consumers will know the responsibility they have when they purchase a product.

~Interview conducted by Jamie Finch


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