Nomi Nights

Recently, the Nomi Network team initiated a monthly volunteer night to bring the talents & efforts of its individuals together in one place. For its first event, 20 marketers, designers, consulters & urban professionals joined to make a tangible impact on Nomi. Our focus is creating product demand for the Nomi bags, made by trafficking survivors, so that we can drive job creation abroad. We hope by increasing the quality of our products, demand will come from supporters like you. While we have become an online, media-driven culture, it has become more important than ever to combine the minds & talents of concerned individuals. It’s important to know who is within the Nomi community so that we can work as a team to develop ideas.

From our meeting, emerged four task force teams that we believe are crucial for Nomi's development. They brainstormed ideas on how to address these activities that will become our pulse on expanding human trafficking awareness.

1) Design Task Force: the design team came up with product improvements
for our Spring 2010 Collection.

2) Proposal/Grant Writing Task Force: the proposal team finalized our
submission to a global business plan competition

3) Marketing Task Force: created marketing strategies and organized
volunteer opportunities for selling our signature tote bags at the Lunar New
Year Festival and selling tickets to our Spring Fundraiser

4) Partnerships and College Collaboration Task Force: created strategies
for collaborating with and reaching out to campus clubs through internships
and events.

Here are some thoughts from fellow Nomi Networkers:

"Nomi Nights is a terrific way to get plugged into Nomi: to understand our mission and the current pulse of the organization and to make new friends who are similarly passionate about doing our part to rid the world of sexual slavery."

Iris Yen

Title: Consultant

McKinsey & Company

"The world changes every day. With Nomi you get to see how it can
change for the better and be a part of that. I can't wait for the next
Nomi Night!"

Name: Jonathan Walton
Title: New York City Urban Project Director
Organization: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Quote: "Volunteer Night was a wonderful way to brainstorm and share in ideas and energies with fellow volunteers sharing a common goal."

Name: Kenny Gee
Title: Designer

For more information about Nomi Nights and how you can be involved, please contact

- Don Torrance


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