Leverage Your Network

NOMI Network proudly presents Kate Ancketill, Managing Director of GDR Creative Intelligence, as a member of our Advisory Board. She has been instrumental in leveraging her networks to encourage retailers to carry Nomi’s products. GDR's Global Innovation Report recently featured Nomi Network’s Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body TM signature tote line in a one-page sprawl. GDR’s reports are compiled exclusively for global consumer brands, highlighting the latest developments in retail and hospitality across the world. Every report delivers a relevant and striking visual narrative of emerging trends impacting key customer touch points including interior design, marketing initiatives, digital media, new technologies, and visual merchandising. This partnership perpetuates Nomi mission of bridging the private, public, and non-profit sectors through enterprise and education to end human trafficking. If you are interested in leveraging your professional networks to eradicate human trafficking, please contact diana@nominetwork.org.


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