Spotlight on Gavin Wassung

We think that we're a pretty talented bunch, if we do say so ourselves! In the coming months, we''ll be using the blog to introduce various members of the Nomi Network team and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how our volunteers pull together to create the products, build the brand, implement partnerships, and support Nomi's mission.

One wouldn't normally consider artistic talent to be something easily channeled into the fight against sexual slavery. But Nomi Network's art director, Gavin Wassung, has been doing just that. A 25-year-old graphic designer by day at a prominent New York ad agency, he is behind the bold reds and yellows that helped shape the organization's image.

Q & A with Gavin Wassung

Nomi: "What is your art background?"
Gavin: "I grew up in Connecticut, mostly, and in high school I took some art classes on recommendation from my mom. I realized I really enjoyed drawing and painting and started an art club in high school. Along the way, I thought, 'Maybe I can have a career in the arts.' "

Nomi: "What projects have you worked on for Nomi Network?"
Gavin: "My first initiative with [Nomi Network founders] Diana Mao and Alissa Moore was to basically help them build an inspirational, supportive, uplifting brand, one that differentiates itself from stark depressing ones. I think there's a tendency to focus on the ugliness of the issue. It is ugly, yes, but I want people to realize that they can do something about it."

Nomi: "Did you become involved with the issue of trafficking through Nomi, or was it the other way around?"
Gavin: "I have always been sensitive to situations of people being pegged as lesser citizens. I felt that service in taking on the human trafficking issue was important."

Nomi: "What are some artistic principles you really take hold of in your work?"
Gavin: "Design is born out of principle or brand personalities. Anything that's worth creating to express an idea should be relevant but unexpected."

~By Amy Arden


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