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What were you doing on January 11th? Organizations from across the country hosted activities such as film screenings, trainings, & community response efforts to educate others on sexual exploitation in response of Anti-Human Trafficking Day. "Every day is about human trafficking", says Their purpose for this day was to bring others from awareness into action. They came up with a list of 40 ways to end human trafficking today. I chose the top 5 to share with you. What are your 5?

1. Attend a Human Trafficking Awareness Day event in my community.
2. Ask my state legislators to pass an anti-trafficking law.
3. Invite people over for dessert and a discussion about human trafficking.
4. Email all the people in my contact book a link to this blog, or another blog about human trafficking.
5. Go online and buy a book about human trafficking for myself or as a gift.

Here at Nomi, we're committed to making every day an opportunity to spread the word about anti-trafficking. We survey global efforts being made on the human-trafficking front, but our focus is on impacting the lives of the women survivors. Their voice, their story relies on you & me.

Nomi Network is a network of business and marketing specialists, film-makers, photographers, development professionals, engineers, and fashion designers. Our volunteer team fuses diverse expertise in pursuit of one simple goal: develop alternative economic opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and at-risk women to shape their own sovereign futures.

Our approach, like our business model, is truly collaborative. Hagar on Time, our anti-trafficking partner in Cambodia, provided both jobs & on-site training for 23 women last year. This year, our goal is to double our impact and employ 46 women. These women will receive competitive wages, meals, and access to medical care and help produce the new Nomi product line which will launch later this spring.

Sustainable development would not be possible without ongoing support from concerned individuals and organizations. During our Holiday Campaign, Nomi Network raised a total of $14,600, including a $5,000 matching grant. These funds will be used to continue to develop stylish, competitive products and to design and implement programs with our partner organizations in Cambodia.

One small action can have incredible impact. What's yours?

~Don Torrance


  1. thanks for your great activism for Cambodian women. I am the fan of Hagar Restaurant! Sooner and with greater advocacy, people will learn the impact of social entrepreneurship.


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