Sophie in the Philippines - 8/27/2009 - Day 33

After 8 hours of trying to sleep on the most uncomfortable chair in Hong Kong airport, I finally got on a plane and arrived in Cebu, Philippines. Having spent the past 5 weeks in Phnom Penh, everything in the Philippines seems expensive by comparison.

Lyn and couple of her friends picked me up from the airport. I am staying is so close to the ocean that I am able to smell it. I can’t wait to go swimming tomorrow morning.

On the car ride from the airport, Lyn explained the sex trafficking situation in the area. She said that currently, there were only 5 adult women at the shelter because most that are rescued are under age and taken elsewhere. Some of the underage ones are as young as 12. Some were kept in chains by their captors, and I find it hard to imagine that this kind of barbarism still exists.

Lyn has been training the women with arts and crafts skills, and paying them while they learn. She told me about the prayer room they decorated and which I look forward to seeing. Tomorrow, I will be visiting IJM (International Justice Mission) and their shelter, to get a deeper understanding of what is going on in Philippines.


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