Sophie in Cambodia - 8/8/2009 - Day 16

God, what is it that you want from me? Why did you bring me to this land?

This morning, with John, I visited two poor villages in Phnom Penh. People from John’s church , Elim International Missions, have been ministering to these two villages for the past two years providing basic health care and education for children.

It may be hard for many to image the living condition of these people. The houses are made out of scrap wood, trash material, banana leaves, etc. Broken tiles, bricks, glasses, trashes, and sewage waste lie everywhere. There is no running water. Some children are unclothed and most are barefoot.

An organization called Destiny Rescue has been fixing up houses and purchasing land for the villagers. They also provide micro finance to the villagers, to start up small businesses.

As I watched young Cambodian Christians from the Elim Center worshiping with the village children, I was overwhelmed buy a sense of God’s love that is present here. Jesus truly came for the poor, the lost, the fatherless, the oppressed, the widowed, and the enslaved. How can we come together to provide not just for people’s immediate material needs but to transform lives?


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