Sophie in Cambodia - 8/21/2009 - Day 27

We are visiting the famous Angkor Wat today. We decided to ride our bicycles to the famous temple. It is truly magnificent. Every part is decorated with detailed carvings depicting scenes of daily life, ancient tales, and religious beliefs that show the richness of the ancient Khmer civilization.

After the bike ride and the temple, we took a break and cooled off with some local drinks and fried rice. Many of the children have learned to speak English well, in order to be able to better sell souvenirs to the tourists. It is amazing how smart some of these children are. One girl was able to tell us the capital cities of most of the states in the U.S.A.

However, what is sad is that most of them are trapped in a mentality of poverty. When I asked them what they want to be, they told me that they were too poor to be anything. The future doesn’t exist with them. They have no dreams. And this is a nation where 33% of the population is under age 15. How can we bring them hope, so that they may dream like other children?


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