Sophie in Cambodia - 7/26/2009 - Day 3

After breakfast on the way to the morning service at Joe’s church, my stomach started to feel very bloated and uncomfortable. As I got closer to the church, my stomach becomes very hard and almost painful. I laid my hands and kept praying for healing and saying it would not stop me from sharing testimony. As soon as I walked into the church, the pain went away. At that moment, Joe asked me if I was well enough to teach Sunday school. Ironically I was not expecting to teach Sunday school at all. Although I did not prepare anything, I prayed Holy Spirit would guide my lips and show me what to share with students.

Joe’s church is a Khmer church. It is a combination of church and dormitory for university students. There are about 30 children and 25 attendees. Most of them are university students. Before the preaching, I gave a brief introduction about myself and gave testimony about my grandma. Although at that moment I was not sure what to teach for Sunday school, the Holy Spirit has used the testimony leading into the topic about Holy Spirit. It is really amazing how I was not prepared to teach but Holy Spirit led me to the topics and material to share with students and their Khmer pastor. I spoke mostly about the power of Jesus blood and the importance of having the Holy Spirit in our lives. I used Dr. Kanayama’s tabernacle graphic to illustrate the importance of having these two elements for entering the inner temple. At the end of the teaching, I felt led to pray for the receiving of Holy Spirit. Please pray God will sweep this nation with His Holy fire. Afterward, Joe’s invited me to give another teaching to finish the tabernacle prayer. I can’t believe God is already multiplying the school of prayer.

There are so many children in Cambodia. Khmer people are very friendly. Although they are shy at first but they are quite talkative once you get to know them. Of course like any culture, it takes some time for them to trust you. I pray that God will continue to give me the favor to learn more stories about each person he has placed on my path.


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