Sophie in Cambodia, 7/25/2009 - Day 1 in Cambodia

Sophie is Director of Business Strategy and Product Development for Nomi Network. She has gone to Cambodia, to work in a cooperative agreement between Hagar International and Nomi Network. Hagar is a Christian non-profit organization that operates a textile manufacturing center for the purpose of employing women who have been rescued from sexual slavery as well as handicapped people. This is the first in a series to chronicle her experiences on this mission.

One of Sophie's favorite sayings is, "Expect Great things from God. Attempt Great things for God." Please pray for the success of her mission.

In Sophie’s Own Words-

After 24 hours of traveling and Nightquil, I arrived in Phnom Penh. I visited Hagar International yesterday and everyone on the staff loved the chocolates I brought. I managed to learn one word of Khmer, OWGUN (thank you). I accepted an invitation to a local Khmer house to celebrate a 1 month old, new born boy and had traditional Khmer food. Beautiful people...



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