A Campaign to Spread Awareness of Slavery as Part of Labor Day

Labor Day is a great day to raise awareness about modern day slavery. Nomi Network is inviting every individual and organization of conscience to use Twitter to tweet about the slavery issue for Labor Day. It can cover any aspect of human trafficking, whether of force, violence,child labor, debt bondage, or sexual slavery. The goal to bring more awareness to the issue. If we could get slavery listed on Twitter's list of trending topics it would bring more awareness of the issue to the wider community. We ask that each tweet include the hash tag, #slavery.

Since so many will be away from their PCs on Labor Day itself, we ask that slavery awareness tweets be sent on the two days before Labor Day Weekend: Thursday, Sept. 3rd, and Friday, Sept. 4th. Won't you take a few minutes to help us fight this evil?

If you have nothing special to tweet, you may send tweets as simple as: "Stop #slavery now" or "Say no to #slavery", or be creative and make up your own.

Stephen M. Bauer


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