Spotlight on PR Star Caroline Hughes

From engaging customers at the Union Square Market in the cold with a warm smile, befriending guests and attendees at an event and reaching out to media gurus, Caroline Hughes is always willing to lend her generous hand to boost Nomi Network’s day to day operations. Caroline is currently working full-time at a marketing firm and provides her creativity and expertise in raising more awareness to the human trafficking issue and Nomi Network’s fight to end modern-day slavery. Our youngest enthusiast on the core team Caroline Hughes reveals her motivation to support Nomi Network.

Why did you choose a career in media/ marketing? OR What inspires you to be involved in social media and marketing?

I am very much a people person so I always knew that my future career would involve working with others. I started off in school as a pre-business major and I found that marketing best suited my interests and strengthens. Marketing is a field that is used in many different capacities and I like the variety of involvement and projects it provides.

What motivates you to be a part of Nomi Network?

Nomi supports freedom of women, and a life of freedom is something that every individual should have the opportunity to experience! I wanted use my skills in marketing to help Nomi Network get the word out about how to get involved and be a part of the solution. Marketing is so vital to letting people know what is available to them. Sometimes individuals think that we as advertisers are just trying to sell, sell, sell, but how many times do we as people let our friends know about a good thing when we find it? I tell my friends about a delicious meal I had not because I am jut trying to get them to spend money but because I want them to know about a good thing. I want consumers to know about a good thing. That's why I think marketing is great about getting the word out about a good cause such as eradicating sex trafficking.

How have you grown in your skill-sets in working with Nomi Network?

Since working with Nomi, I have definitely learned more about the human trafficking epidemic, and have grown much more confident and knowledgeable in how to communicate the hard facts as well as the hope that Nomi Network provides to an audience whether it is in-person or in writing.

What is your favorite Nomi product and why?

I love the signature tote! It communicates the message to anyone I may pass and this opens the door for a conversation. It is perfect for carrying anything and everything. Plus, the small pocket on the outside is ideal for holding my keys, cell phone, and wallet so they don’t ever get lost and is easily accessible whenever I need it.

What is the best tool/ advice for reaching an audience on a wide-scale?

The messaging being generated must include two important elements: what is the benefit to your consumers and how is this different from the other offerings among the marketplace. I know this sounds cliché but the product, promotion, price, and placement of the brand should all align and be consistent if a clear message is ever going to spread to an audience. This is easier said than done of course!

What is your favorite Nomi moment and why?

Every moment with Nomi is a good moment. Cheers!

- Lisa Kim


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