Nomi Network in the Press

The word is being spread about Nomi Network! Recently the holiday season brought about a huge amount of support from bloggers and columnists of lifestyle websites. Here are some brief recaps from some of these exciting features:

“Christmas Shopping The Way It Should Be” was a post featured on JSpace, a Jewish community website with content about events and culture. Danielle, the author of the article, mentions the uniqueness of the Union Square Holiday Market and how supporting these vendors supports local economics. She mentions how buying products from Nomi ultimately is a gift not only for the buyer themselves but also for the greater good.

Mama Buzz is a growing blog with inspirational articles for women in their day-to-day lives. The site provides a huge realm of information, from recipes to movie reviews. Mel, the author of the blog, is passionate about sharing inspiration to other moms like herself. In the article, she touches on Nomi’s heart behind why it was first started. The piece features Nomi’s founders’, Diana Mao and Alissa Moore’s sharing on their heart to give women a voice. The article also gives information about how one can get involved with Nomi Network.

5 Minutes for wrote a great article highlighting Nomi’s ‘Sitting Taller Booster Seat.’ This product works great for young children who may need a little help reaching the table. A comfy booster cushion is held in a child sized backpack made of the same unique and durable recycled rice material from which all Nomi Network products are made. The bright colors and ideal size are perfect for children to carry around. When the bag is not carrying the seat cushion it can be used by the children to hold anything they need, from crayons to dolls. Susan, the author of the post, said that she needs one for each of her children now because they argue over the booster seat bag all the time!

- Caroline Hughes


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