Nomi Network's Fashion Corner: Fashion in 2025

While the fashion world is always anticipating the next season, having one eye on the future seems to be the mantra of all those who truly champion the sustainable fashion movement. While researching educational institutions that teach about both fashion and sustainability we were impressed by the vision of the projects and initiatives found on The Center for Sustainable Fashion, London School of Fashion. In their project, Fashion Futures 2025, the Centered partnering with the Forum for the Future to create four animated video concepts on what the world of fashion might look like in 2025.

Designed as a tool to cause companies’ to strategize and rethink opportunities to plan ahead, these collage-like videos hold a somewhat grim reminder that everything we do today creates a ripple effect that impacts the future – even those things we do in the name of fashion.

The four videos are linked below:

Slow is beautiful

Community Couture


Patchwork Planet

- Alissa A. Moore


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