Nomi Network’s Fashion Corner: AHAlife!

Do you need a daily dose of inspiration? I know – we all do. Well we have a suggestion on a fantastic organization that has one of the coolest mission statements we’ve heard to date:

“1 New Discovery. Every 24 Hours. 100% Inspiring—that's what we're all about. We showcase and sell a new hand-selected item each day and tell the story behind the making of the product, along with a designer profile and sometimes a video or audio slideshow that takes you inside the creative process.”

That’s the mission of AHAlife, a website that sends you daily fashion, gadgets and home ware ideas and share about the innovators who dreamt them up. We thought this was the perfect resource for our followers.
Go to the shop section of their website and see thumbnails of the diverse selection of products they have featured since their launch, easily broken down by filters or categories. While you browse, , check out there logo enhanced glossary. The stylized eye stands for an AHAcurator: An AHAlife reader and influencer who is sharing a product they love with our community. The swirly heart means AHAkarma: Look for the AHAkarma heart icon next to certain products and when you buy them you'll earn karma points for supporting a brand that donates part of its profits to a good cause.

Nomi Network is all about feeding our socially responsible fashion followers solid products that are a good idea from start to finish. We love attention to detail and learning about the stories behind the product, which is why we think that our fans and followers will thoroughly dig their experience familiarizing themselves with AHAlife and their on-line store. And while you’re at it, post a comment on our blog and let us know what’s inspiring you this summer!

- Alissa Moore


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