Letters of Encouragement to Nomi

Nomi Network is named after a young Cambodian survivor of sexual slavery who now resides in a rehabilitation home. In addition to having to overcome her past abuse, this brave little girl also battles a mental illness. She is getting a chance to go to school, build friendships with the other girls, and reclaim her childhood. Despite the pain of her past, her resilience is inspiring and she has maintained a contagious and simple joy for life.

The Nomi Network team will be visiting her rehabilitation home this summer. Supporters like you make Nomi Network possible so we would like you to invite you to submit questions and words of encouragement to Nomi and the other girls at the rehabilitation home. We are accepting submissions in the following format – First Name, Last Name, Location, Question or Encouragement. Please keep your words to 1-3 sentences and submit to us via twitter (@nominetwork) or email ([email protected]) by July 4, 2011. Questions and words of encouragement will be read to the girls during our trip.

- Team Nomi


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