A Party that Inspires Social Change – The Nomi Network Home Party

In just one night, Jan, a working mom from the DC-Metro, raised over $1,300 dollars during her Nomi Network Home Party! Inspired by her Nomi sales receipt that simply asked if she would be interested in hosting a home party, she decided to throw one for her friends. Jan partnered with her next-door neighbor who then invited the entire block! 14 people showed up to her Nomi Home Party, and even those who could not attend placed product orders through Jan.

Everyone bought something. We planned the party at a good gift giving time. We happened to do it as Christmas was approaching so people could purchase products as part of their gift giving. People bought stuff to give away to others. The discount was a great incentive in getting the guests introduced to Nomi Network’s products,” Jan explains.

“I found the products to be sturdy. Most totes can’t handle the weight. My friends are still using the products and so am I!”

Jan provided food and drinks for her guests just like she would at many of the other gatherings at her home. “I looked at it like a Tupperware party and I’ve been to other product parties in the past. We had refreshments and showed the video which was pretty powerful.”

“Women relate to women in that situation. They can only imagine how horrible it must be. There is a real heart of understanding. But if the products weren’t quality, my guests would not have bought that much. Otherwise, they would just give a contribution.”

“It was fun to help Nomi in a tangible way and to help the women in Cambodia in a tangible way. I am encouraged to know how little it takes to make a difference. If you are already having a gathering for people, it’s a good excuse to throw a party for a good cause.”

Her advice: “Just do it and don’t be afraid to ask people and don’t be offended if they don’t come. Two people throwing it together … broadens the horizon of people who are invited.”

Hosting a Nomi Home Party is easy, and a great way to have fun with your friends and family while supporting survivors of human trafficking and women at-risk of trafficking. Whether you’re hosting a small party or a large gathering of people, the goal is to raise awareness to the global pandemic of human trafficking and ultimately invite the audience to take action by purchasing a Nomi product - 100% of the profits are invested into job-training programs that provide women with a comprehensive package of fair wages, healthcare and accident insurance.

Nomi Network will send your choice of Nomi products along with our Home Party kit, which includes our informational DVD, a set of instructions and a product price sheet. You and your guests will receive 20% off all Nomi products! Plus, the host earns Nomi credit for every product sold, which can then be used towards purchasing Nomi Network merchandise.

If you are interested in hosting a Nomi Home Party, please contact Supei Liu at [email protected].

- Lisa Kim


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