Sophie in Cambodia - 7/27/2009 - Day 4

The kids from Joe’s neighborhood are starting to recognize my face. They are starting to say hello, and during my quite time, I hear them playing outside the gate and over the wall. Despite of our language barrier, they were running around, trying to get my attention. I swear it is the Holy Spirit because even the neighbor’s dog likes me. There are tons of dogs running around on the street..LOL… Khmer people love their dogs. However, this one particular dark brown dog follows me around, stands and sits next to me whenever I am by the door. Once in a while he will look at me from the corner of his eyes as if he is checking up on me or seeking my approval. Enough dog talk.

I met up with Helen from Chab Dai today. She gave me a list of great organizations to get in touch with. The encouraging thing is that some of the names she gave me are ones we already have on our list. Multiple recommendations are a great sign. She is also very supporting of the idea of an organization like Nomi that brings all resources together. She is more than happy to help us with the support letter.

Helen also shared some insight into what is happening in Cambodia with regard to prostitution and sex trafficking. Since the new law was passed in 2008 intended to enforce the prosecution of sexual trafficking and sexual exploitation, there is a trend of girls moving into the “entertainment” industry. In addition, with the economic recession, 60,000 women have lost jobs in the garment industry since last year. Many of them had entered the garment industry as an alternative to prostitution.

Helen also mentioned they are currently working on trying to understand what is causing the increase in Vietnamese being trafficked to Cambodia.


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